Maritime Training and Job Placement

Offshore Career Workshop

Get the edge you need
 to land a highly sought after entry level oil rig job

"I can't get offshore...its hard getting work on an oil rig"

Thomas Marine & Associates is offering a workshop that is designed to help those who are interested in working offshore maximize their chances of getting an interview and being hired.

This Workshop will:

  • Help you identify the best offshore or oil rig jobs for you based on your skills
  • Help you locate companies that meet your specific preferences (location and pay)
  • Provide information regarding salaries and working conditions
  • Recommend any additional qualifications or courses you may need to assist you in successfully landing a oil rig job.
Our coaches have held a variety of positions in the offshore industry ranging from Captains, Cooks, to Hiring Managers.  They have extensive experience in the industry and are fully qualified to assist you because they have been out there. This is your chance to talk to and pick the brains of those most knowledgeable about the field.  

While we are not able to guarantee employment, our team of coaches will help you maximize your employment prospects and provide you with the necessary information so that you feel prepared and confident when you walk in the door.  

"This is your future career - and you need to do it right"

This is what you will gain from this Workshop:

  • You will avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes rookies
  • You will be knowledgeable of what training and licenses you require for offshore employment
  • You will discover little known facts that will help you land an oil rig job
  • You will find out what the requirements are to work in the industry
  • You will exceed the hiring manager's expectations
Look we know this works.  Go ahead and put yourself on the fast track.

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