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We offer a range of staffing solutions--all designed to help your company reach its hiring needs. Whether you're looking for a deckhand or a captain, we have you covered. Our services are geared towards your business so you can get precisely what you need.

Employers know that high-quality employees are extremely difficult to find.  A shortage of qualified competent employees exist in today's labor pool.  That being said, it is still expensive and time consuming to attract, hire and retain good quality people.
Thomas Marine & Associates is ready and able to help your organization.  We specialize in placing professional mariners, and qualified competent oil and gas industry workers.  Our recruiters are knowledgeable, creative and innovative professionals.  We pride ourselves on providing the employer good quality candidates that have undergone our screening process.  While also providing our candidates with strong career opportunities that are in line with their objectives.

If you are an employer seeking staff, you will find that when you utilize our services, it actually saves you time and money, and it frees you up for more important things, like growing your business.

Whatever your situation and challenges you face, we have solutions.

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